Nominating Committee

Greetings fellow Serenity member!

For the past few weeks, you have had time to pray and consider what God would have you to do in His vineyard to serve others. This survey will give you the
opportunity to share your interests and where your gifts and talents lie. Please read the following instructions carefully.

The document is divided into sections based on many of the ministries/departments currently available in the church. However, the best way to use the document is to
try to ignore the title to the ministry sections and focus instead on the statements within each section. Read each statement carefully to see if it fits you. Place a check mark next to each statement that applies to you, then review the survey and pay attention to the title of the ministry sections you placed checkmarks in. This will give you an idea of which ministries in the church you could potentially be gifted to serve in.

We will consider your interests when selecting persons for office. Please do not be discouraged if you are not selected to serve as an officer of the church, you can still use the survey to choose which ministry to volunteer with by serving on a committee. Keep in mind that everyone has a place but not everyone can serve as an officer. We pray that you will keep an open mind, a willing heart and a prayerful spirit as we do our work. We are all in this together!

The Nominating Committee